The Ultimate Cooking with Children Workshop

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Learn how to invite your children to cook with you *without* stressing about the added time or mess.

Learn how to embrace teachable moments in family food preparation while letting go of perfectionism.

Travel the world with your children without ever leaving your home kitchen!


My client is a busy mom who often feels guilty for not spending enough time with her children. She sees their desire to create things and hears their requests to help in the kitchen, but fears that their presence will only create MORE of a mess and slow down the already laborious process of preparing family meals. She feels guilty for saying no, but doesn’t have the confidence that she can welcome her children into the kitchen without losing her mind or ruining dinner in the process. She *knows* that it could be fun to cook something together with her children, she simply fears that she does not have the skill to do so yet. She is ready to learn AND ready to have fun in the process!

This Ultimate Guide to Cooking with Children Workshop is for you and your family if . . .

— you want to spend quality time with your children AND want to nourish them, body and soul;

— you want your children to develop the practical skills of food preparation that they need for independent living;

— you want your children to know that learning can be fun and exciting;

— you want to share joys of learning AND creating with your children–in the kitchen, and everywhere else in life!


Come PLAY with us in Our Kitchen Classroom–from wherever you are in the world!!! Don’t wait to make learning fun AND delicious for your family!! Sign up now to begin the new year AND the new decade in a whole new way!!!

There’s no time like the present.
? Transform mealtime in your home!
? Revitalize relationships with your family and friends!!
? Revolutionize your children’s education AND boost their self confidence!!!


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